Israeli authorities have confirmed the release of 14 hostages held in the Gaza Strip following Hamas attacks on October 7.

The releases are part of a truce deal, with the second day marking the freedom of 42 Palestinian prisoners, including both males and females.

The agreement mandates exchanges at a ratio of three Palestinian prisoners for one hostage.

A total of 14 hostages are expected to be handed over as per the terms of the truce.

Families on both sides reuniting with loved ones.Visuals of jubilant Israelis welcoming back hostages.Hostages transported by helicopters to a hospital in central Israel.

Hostages underwent exhaustive medical examination upon ingress to Israel.

Declared salubrious and safe.Currently undergoing medical and emotional assessment.

 Palestinians rejoicing the return of 39 prisoners from Israeli jails. Massive crowd cheering as prisoners arrived in a West Bank town.

 Israel received a list of hostages to be freed by Hamas. Second day of the planned 4-day truce. Ongoing negotiations regarding the release of prisoners.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the hostages back.  Domestic pressure in Israel for the release of hostages.Some government officials view the deal positively.