The first part of the crime thriller's third season ends on a cliffhanger, leaving fans excited for Part 2. However, the exact release date for the second part is not known yet.

The story carries forward how we parted with Aarya at the end of the previous season. She had become a formidable figure in the underworld. 

She shot her own biological father without hesitation and is now seems to be taking control of the situation that threatens her existence in a world intertwined with crime and gangsters.

In Season 3, first episode starts with a recap of her late husband Tej’s memorial song "Bade Acche Lagte Hain", followed by a more intense and gangster-like score. 

Sushmita Sen, rules her domain from her castle on the hills, clad in a black gown with hood over the head and a cigar in hand.

The transformation of Sushmita Sen from the fearful mother she was in the first two seasons to the assertive lioness in Season 3 is remarkable. 

In the meantime, she deftly integrates the former, tender Aarya into the overall picture, so that the viewers do not forget where she comes from.

It is even more difficult for an actor whose character’s defining trait has been vulnerability and emotional transparency to go through this transition. 

Sushmita Sen is able to make the transition with ease, almost as if she’s playing a new game.