Q is an AI-powered chatbot that can answer questions and provide information to Amazon employees.

 Q is designed to help employees with common HR-related questions, such as how to apply for leave or how to update their personal information.

Q can also help employees with IT-related issues, such as resetting passwords or troubleshooting technical problems.

 Q is available 24/7, so employees can get help whenever they need it.

 Q is accessible through a variety of channels, including text messaging, Slack, and Amazon Chime.

Q uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand employee questions and provide accurate answers.

Q is designed to learn from its interactions with employees, so it can improve over time.

Q is part of Amazon’s broader effort to use AI and machine learning to improve its operations.

Q is not designed to replace human workers, but rather to augment their capabilities.

 Q is just one of several AI-powered tools that Amazon is using to improve its operations.