If you're looking for Halloween-themed car racing games, here are some popular options:

Horror Racing: A spooky racing game where you can choose from various Halloween-themed cars and race through haunted tracks filled with eerie obstacles.

Zombie Road Racing: Race through post-apocalyptic landscapes filled with zombies, using your car to mow down the undead and survive the night.

Halloween Hill Racer: Drive through creepy, hilly terrains while collecting pumpkins and avoiding obstacles. The game features Halloween-themed vehicles and graphics.

Monster Truck Halloween: Drive monstrous trucks through challenging Halloween-themed courses, smashing through pumpkins and spooky obstacles.

Halloween Monster Truck: Race monster trucks through eerie landscapes, avoiding traps, and collecting candy along the way.

Halloween Spooky Roads: A game where you navigate spooky roads in a pumpkin-themed car while collecting candies and avoiding ghosts.

Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival"**: Race through post-apocalyptic environments filled with zombies and try to survive while upgrading your car with various weapons.

Horror Racing in Car: A first-person car racing game set in a horror theme, where you drive through dark, haunted locations filled with creepy surprises.

Ghost Racer: Race against ghostly opponents on haunted tracks, collecting power-ups to outpace the competition.

Wicked Wheels Racing: A Halloween-themed kart racing game where you can pick various spooky characters and race on fun and challenging tracks.

These games offer a Halloween twist to the typical car racing experience, providing a ghoulish and entertaining way to celebrate the holiday. Be sure to check your device's app store or online gaming platforms for the availability of these games.