Bigg Boss 7 concluded after a 105-day run, culminating in a grand finale that left audiences thrilled

This season distinguished itself with the unique "Ulta Pulta" concept, delivering wholesome entertainment to viewers throughout its duration

Pallavi Prashanth, also known as "Raithu Bidda," emerged as the champion of Bigg Boss 7, adding a farming background twist to the winner's profile

The host, Nagarjuna, announced Pallavi Prashanth as the winner in a tense moment, adding to the excitement of the grand finale

Pallavi Prashanth transitioned from being a popular YouTuber to a Bigg Boss titleholder, showcasing a journey filled with ups and downs

Pallavi Prashanth's popularity soared as the audience appreciated his game right from the beginning, resulting in him securing more votes than other contestants

Pallavi Prashanth's hard work throughout the season paid off, culminating in a well-deserved victory in Bigg Boss 7

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