Bill Gates feels that Generative AI has plateaued and that there are plenty of reasons to believe that GPT technology has reached a ceiling.

He believes that current generative AI has reached a limit, and he does not feel that GPT-5 will be better than its predecessor

 Gates also predicted that in the next two to five years, the accuracy of AI software will witness a considerable increase along with a reduction in cost.

He anticipates a stagnation in development initially.In the short term, he sees significant potential in AI 1.

Gates also added that developing nations too will benefit greatly from AI . He cited the example of health advice via smartphones 1.

Gates acknowledged that some AI chips from Nvidia cost around $30,000 per piece, and they have copious amounts of computing power and consume a lot of energy.

He said that the actual usage costs were once ten cents per query. Today it’s probably more like three cents.

Gates believes that a 3-day workweek is possible, and artificial intelligence might make it possible .

 Gates also spoke about how AI can help in reducing carbon emissions .

 Gates believes that AI can help in creating a sustainable future for the planet .He said that AI can help in optimizing energy consumption and reducing waste