Canada's government announces a deal with Google for the company to contribute $100 million Canadian dollars annually to the country's news industry.

The agreement is in compliance with a new Canadian law requiring tech companies to pay publishers for their content.

Google's commitment averts the threat of blocking the ability to search for Canadian news on Google in Canada.

Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta have already been blocking Canadian news since earlier this year.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau emphasizes that Google will support journalists, including local journalism.

Pascale St-Onge, the minister of Canadian heritage, states that the $100 million contribution will be annually indexed to inflation and support a wide range of news businesses across the country.

St-Onge highlights the success of the legislation, adding that Canada reserves the right to reopen the regulation if a better deal is struck elsewhere in the world.

The Online News Act, passed in late June, mandates tech giants to pay publishers for linking to or repurposing their content online.

Meta's response to the law involves blocking news content in Canada on its platforms.

Google's owner Alphabet had previously announced plans to do the same when the law takes effect in December.