Downloader app suspended by Google Play in May due to complaints from Israeli TV companies.

Google reversed the suspension after three weeks.

Downloader app suspended again with a vague DMCA notice.

Alleged copyright infringement related to the app's ability to load the Warner Bros. website.

Combines a web browser with a file manager, allowing users to access legal and potentially infringing content.

No infringing content within the app, and it does not direct users to infringing content.

MarkScan, a "digital asset protection" firm representing Warner Bros. Discovery Inc.

The notice lacks specific details, such as the copyrighted work infringed and an authorized example of the work.

MarkScan claims infringement on "Properties of Warner Bros. Discovery Inc." without specifying which work.

Lack of information in the DMCA notice raises concerns about the suspension process on the Google Play Store.