The NoThanks mobile app, which aimed to inform users about companies to boycott based on their stance in the Israel-Hamas war, has been removed from the Google Play app store.

The app was temporarily suspended due to a line in its description that mentioned Israel, according to a post on the @NoThanksBoycott Twitter account.

The description included a controversial statement urging users to check if a product supports "killing children in Palestine" by scanning barcodes or entering serial numbers.

The app, created by a Palestinian developer, received over 100,000 downloads on the Google Play app store before its removal.

In response to the removal, the @NoThanksBoycott account shared an "apk version" on its Telegram channel.

The ongoing Israel-Hamas war has triggered various responses worldwide, with protests and rallies in the U.S. supporting both sides and calls for a ceasefire.

McDonald's Israel previously faced calls for a boycott after offering free and discounted food to Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldiers.

Newsweek reached out to Google's press office for comments on the app's removal, and further information was sought from @NoThanksBoycott via X direct message.

Some people have criticized Google for removing the app, while others have praised the company for taking action against what they see as hate speech 1.

The removal of the app has sparked controversy and debate about freedom of speech and censorship.