YouTube Music and Spotify release annual recap stats for users to see their most-listened tracks, artists, and albums.

YouTube Music Recap 2023 is currently rolling out, offering users a way to recap their musical journey for the year.

To unlock the recap, users need to have at least 10 hours of music streaming and can access it only on the Android and iOS app.

Accessing the recap involves opening the YouTube Music app, tapping on the profile icon, selecting "Your Recap," and then tapping on "Get your Recap."

Users may experience delays in receiving the recap, and if the "Nothing to hear here" error appears, it will eventually unlock.

To download recap slides, users need to tap on the "Your Recap" button, view the slides, and use the Download button at the bottom left of each slide.

Typing "Recap" in the YouTube Music search may help find the recap playlist, although this method may not work for everyone.

YouTube Music offers seasonal recaps in addition to yearly recaps, but users need to listen to at least 4 hours of music to access seasonal recaps.

Auto-deleting YouTube History beyond 3 months may prevent viewing seasonal recaps.

The yearly recap may take time to roll out to all users, and at least 10 hours of music listening is required for it to be unlocked.