Users have reported the HP Smart app appearing on Windows 10 and 11 without their installation or connection to HP devices.

Reports of the app showing up in the new apps section of the Windows Start menu have surfaced on Reddit.

Users note that the app auto-installs on various Windows versions that utilize the Microsoft Store, even on devices not linked to HP products.

The HP Smart app is designed for managing HP printers and is typically found on HP PCs.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and plans to provide more details soon; speculation suggests a possible error linked to Windows Update.

Uninstalling the HP Smart app is straightforward, as it is still recognized as official software.

Despite being a legitimate app, its automatic appearance has caused concern among users, who fear it may be related to a sinister event.

A recent incident involving Bing claiming that Australia doesn't exist due to a conspiracy theory also garnered attention.

 The HP Smart app is not the same as the full driver printer software, which is installed in Programs and Features 6.

If you are having trouble with the HP Smart app after updating to Windows 11, try resetting the app or uninstalling and reinstalling it 45.