Early voting ended Monday afternoon, which means Tuesday is the municipal election. Pack your patience and be prepared for lines. Amy Rolfes is the clerk of the circuit courts for St. Joseph County, and she said there was a large turnout throughout early voting.

“Our early vote turnout for this municipal election was very good. We had, I think it was upward of 4,300 voters who came in and voted early,” Rolfes said.

Voter registration ended in October and Indiana is not a same-day registration state. 

For the municipal election, only some are eligible to vote, and if you are registered and able to vote, make sure to bring a photo ID.

“Indiana is a state where photo ID is required, and to come in to vote, you need to have a photo ID. 

“Indiana is a state where photo ID is required, and to come in toIf, for some reason, someone does not have a photo ID, they can go to the BMV tomorrow.

It will be open until 6 p.m., and they can get a free photo ID,” Rolfes said.vote, you need to have a photo ID.

Rolfes also expressed that there are multiple locations that voters are able to go to. “We have 26 different vote centers where people can go and vote no matter where they live. 

They can go to one of our vote centers and those vote centers are on our website and they can locate where they are closest vote center would be.”

According to the state’s website, there are around 4.65 million registered voters in Indiana. Rolfes also expressed to 16 News Now why it is so important to vote during this election.