Elon Musk initially announced that Starlink could be used by internationally-recognized aid groups in Gaza.

The decision has been reversed, and Starlink can now operate in Israel and Gaza only with the approval of Israel's Ministry of Communications.

Shlomo Karhi, Israel's Minister of Communications, announced a 'significant agreement' with Musk, emphasizing its importance in the context of the conflict with Hamas-ISIS.

Musk is currently in Israel, meeting with the country's leadership amid the ongoing war with Hamas.

The initial announcement about Starlink support for Gaza came after the IDF targeted internet and media infrastructure in the region, aiming to disrupt communication among Hamas operatives.

The quick reversal may have implications for the availability and use of Starlink in conflict zones or areas with limited connectivity.

The initial announcement raised hopes for improved connectivity for aid organizations in Gaza.

It is unclear why the reversal occurred and what factors influenced Musk's decision.

However, the decision has been reversed after just four hours.

The announcement was a positive development for access to internet services in the region.