LAPD Is Using Israeli Surveillance Software That Can Track Your Phone and Social Media

The software, built by Cobwebs Technologies, uses AI to track, surveil, and create profiles of people based on online and phone data.

LAPD has bolstered its online surveillance operations by adding another piece of technology to its roster.

LAPD’s newest surveillance partner, Cobwebs Technologies, gathers data from your phone and social media activity and turns it into intelligence.

The Israeli company’s surveillance software, which outsources much of their surveillance work to AI and machine learning, gives police warrantless access to your personal information.

Cobwebs Technologies was founded in 2015 by former IDF special operatives Omri Timianker, Shay Attias, and former Mossad official Udi Levy.

The company is part of the controversial billion-dollar surveillance industry in Israel, where the technology is often tested on Palestinians before being implemented elsewhere in the world.

During a 2014 trip to Israel, LAPD’s top brass saw firsthand how Israel used drones, social media surveillance software, and automatic license plate readers.

Within five years of the trip, the department would be using all three.

This year, Cobwebs was acquired by private equity firm Spire Capital, which owns the surveillance companies GeoTime and PenLink.