Automotive technology company Valeo is suing Nvidia for stealing trade secrets.

The lawsuit is based on a video call where an Nvidia software engineer accidentally displayed his former employer's top-secret research to a rival company.

During the video call, the file path on the engineer's screen still read "ValeoDocs."

Valeo claims that Nvidia saved hundreds of millions of dollars by using the stolen trade secrets.

Valeo was previously responsible for both software and hardware aspects of a manufacturer's parking assistance tech.

In 2021, Nvidia won the contract to develop the parking assistance software, and Valeo alleges that Nvidia misused their trade secrets.

The lawsuit underscores the experimental nature of generative AI and mentions that information quality may vary.

The article does not provide information on the current status of the legal proceedings or potential consequences for Nvidia.

Nvidia is facing legal action after a screensharing mistake by one of its employees.

The mistake revealed the alleged theft of trade secrets during a virtual meeting.