Bigg Boss 7 concluded on a grand note today, wrapping up 105 days of entertaining audiences with its unique Ulta Pulta concept.

BThe season stood out for its peculiar theme, providing wholesome entertainment to the audience throughout its duration.

The grand finale, held today, unveiled Pallavi Prashanth, popularly known as "Raithu Bidda," as the title winner of this season.

Hosted by Nagarjuna, the announcement of Pallavi Prashanth as the champ occurred amid tense moments, adding to the excitement of the finale.

Pallavi Prashanth, originating from a farming background and gaining popularity as a YouTuber, entered the Bigg Boss house, experiencing various ups and downs during the season.

The audience's consistent support for Pallavi Prashanth, appreciating his game from the beginning, resulted in him securing more votes than other contestants.

Amardeep claimed the position of the runner-up in this season, while Shivaji became the second runner-up, marking a competitive conclusion to the show.

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