Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy issued an apology for technical issues during the company's annual Thanksgiving ride, "Turkey Burn."

The ride experienced overwhelming demand, with over 37,000 participants, but many users were unable to join due to technical glitches.

Peloton is undergoing changes, including the replacement of its CEO and job cuts, attributed to a decline in revenue and demand.

The Thanksgiving ride issues highlight challenges faced by Peloton in managing increased user demand for its services.

The company's decision to appoint a new CEO is likely a strategic response to the business challenges it is currently facing.

Peloton hosted its annual 2023 Turkey Burn classes on Thanksgiving to set Guinness World records for the largest cycling class and largest running class.

Peloton successfully set both records, but faced technical issues during the Turkey Burn run, with thousands of members unable to join Robin Arzon's class for the first 20 minutes.

Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy issued a formal apology, acknowledging that the company "let down" its members, citing overwhelming demand that impacted their technical infrastructure.

While over 37,000 members were able to participate, many others faced difficulties, leading to frustration and disappointment among the Peloton community.

The CEO expressed apologies to members, recognizing the tradition of the annual Turkey Burn ride and wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving and holiday season.