Unlike the first season, Amazon and Robert Kirkman have both confirmed that the second season of Invincible will be split in two, with it currently unknown when the second half of the second second will premiere. Here is when we can expect the first half to drop:

Episode 1 - Friday 3rd November (out now)  Episode 2 - Friday 10th November Episode 3 - Friday 17th November  Episode 4 - Friday 24th November

Currently, the release window of the second half of the season is mooted as 'Early 2024', and we imagine that by the end of the first batch, we will have a more concrete release window on when to expect it.

Speaking at San Diego Comic Con 2023, Robert Kirkman explained the reasoning behind the decision to split season 2 into two halves: 

"With everything going on in that time of year with, you know, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and a lot of family time, I think a lot of shows get lost in the shuffle there.

"So I think it's good to take a pause and narratively, it's going to make things hit a little bit harder. People will know what I'm talking about when the season launches."