Ridley Scott, the director of Blade Runner and Gladiator, expressed concerns about artificial intelligence (AI), calling it a "technical hydrogen bomb."

Scott believes the world is heading towards being run by a few corporations, possibly two, and mentions the current dominance of FAAMG (Meta, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google).

In an interview, Scott emphasizes the need to "lock down" AI but acknowledges the challenges, stating that once AI is created, it's challenging to control.

Scott compares AI to a "technical hydrogen bomb," warning about the potential consequences if AI surpasses human intelligence and gains control over crucial systems.

He reiterates his concerns in a separate interview, highlighting the potential catastrophic impact of a superintelligent AI shutting down essential systems.

Scott has featured dangerous AI in his movies, and he joins other directors like James Cameron in warning about the risks of AI.

AI experts have previously compared the risks of AI to nuclear war and pandemics, with varying opinions on the severity of the threat.

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Shares thoughts on artificial intelligence, expressing worries about its potential to take over and the difficulty of controlling it.

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