Former ABC News hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, who left the network earlier this year after their cheating scandal dominated tabloids and caused internal drama at the Disney-owned network, came out as "Instagram official" on Wednesday.

Holmes and Robach posted a smiling photo of themselves embracing with the caption "How's this for Instagram official? #silentnomore." 

The affectionate photo is meant to promote their new weekly iHeartMedia podcast titled "Amy & T.J." that launches later this year.

Holmes and Robach had clear on-air chemistry on "GMA3" that was revealed to be more than friendly banter when The Daily Mail reported the affair in November 2022. 

The shocking story included several intimate photos of the midday ABC News anchors taken while both were married to other people.

The lovebirds were sidelined for eight weeks at the end of 2022 as ABC News looked into the extent of their extramarital affair before ultimately coming to an agreement on their exits in late January. 

Tabloids covered their every step along the way, keeping scandalous headlines about ABC News at the forefront.

When the scandal first broke, ABC News initially declared that Holmes and Robach would not be disciplined for their relationship, as both parties were considered consenting adults.

They were even allowed to go on air the same week their then-alleged cheating hit the tabloids, and Holmes and Robach proceeded to downplay it and joke about having a "great week."