In November 2021, former US Representative Bob Barr claimed that President Joe Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure legislation included a provision for a "vehicle kill switch" that would go into effect in five years.

Representative Thomas Massie proposed to strip the funding for this provision, arguing that it infringes on the right to travel and privacy.

Nineteen Republicans joined Democrats in opposing Massie's amendment, which failed.

Fact-checkers from USA Today, the Associated Press, and PolitiFact deemed the "kill switch" claim false, stating that no such provision exists in the legislation.

There is a claim that a new federal law mandates a vehicle 'kill switch.'

Critics argue that this mandate is a gross violation of privacy.

 The concern is raised that this 'kill switch' could be dangerous.Some express frustration and concern about the potential consequences of such a mandate.

The article emphasizes that the perceived violation of privacy is a significant issue compared to the purported benefits of the law.

Activists are mentioned as having reacted strongly to the mandate, with reports of vandalism.

The debate is framed as a clash between privacy concerns and the perceived benefits of the law.