WhatsApp has introduced a groundbreaking secret code functionality for conversations, marking a significant advancement in terms of privacy.

While users were already able to secure their highly personal chats on WhatsApp with a lock, a vulnerability existed.

Previously, individuals could employ the same fingerprint password for unlocking their phones and accessing WhatsApp’s private chats.

Consequently, if someone successfully registered their fingerprint on your device, they could also gain access to your WhatsApp conversations.

The introduction of the latest update brings about significant changes, as WhatsApp has enhanced security measures by introducing the new secret code feature to all users.

This feature allows you to create a distinct password using words or emojis, ensuring that your conversations are protected with a passcode known only to you.

Intriguingly, the company’s top executive has disclosed that you can conveniently access locked chats by simply entering the secret code in the search bar, with the option to customize settings accordingly.

The CEO of Meta announced the introduction of a confidential code for chat lock on WhatsApp, enabling users to safeguard their conversations with an exclusive password.

With this new feature, locked chats will only be visible upon entering the secret code in the search bar, ensuring that no one accidentally stumbles upon your highly personal discussions.

To enhance the privacy of your WhatsApp chats, there is no need to navigate through individual chat settings anymore. Instead, you can conveniently lock a chat by long-pressing it.