YouTube has launched a new feature called “Playables” for its Premium subscribers.

 Playables is a standalone section in your YouTube app or desktop’s website that lets you play arcade games.

 Some Premium users are now receiving notifications from YouTube saying they can now enable Playables through settings.

 Once you allow the Playables tab, you can start playing one of the 37 games available right now, one of which is Angry Birds Showdown.

 Playables is supposedly one of the features that YouTube is rolling out to incentivize people to start paying for YouTube.

 Arcade games may be played in the Playables area of your YouTube app or desktop website.

 The Playables section includes Home and Browse tabs, with the Home tab showcasing previously played games and popular titles, typically featuring six games.

 YouTube is now notifying certain Premium subscribers that they may activate Playables through the settings.

The feature is available for smartphone and desktop users for entertainment without requiring users to download a separate game.

 YouTube is trying to improve its paid Premium service to incentivize people to start paying for YouTube.