Top 10 Gadi wala Games for Android Phones

Nowadays, Playing gadi wala games is a prevalent activity for youngsters to pass their time with friends. Since racing games were invented, they attracted several gaming lovers and created an era in the Gaming industry.  For youngsters and people who love to play games, there are multiple gadi wala games on the internet to download.

top 10 gadi wala games

These are the top 10 gadi wala games for Android Phones that are considered to be top priorities of gaming lovers: –

Top 10 Gadi Wala Games

Asphalt 9 Legends

Gameloft released Asphalt 9 Legends on 26 February 2018, the most popular gadi wala game online. This game supports ultra-high graphics and is a multiplayer game. Asphalt 9 Legends is the top recommendation of gaming lovers. Suppose you have yet to hear about this game. You must download it on your devices and play this gadi wala game.

Asphalt 9 Legends supports Android and IOS devices; its Gadi Wala game downloads are free. This racing game, gadi wala, has more than 100 + skins and varieties of cars in its lobby from where you can choose and drive.

Asphalt 9 Legends has a file size of 2.7 GB and has more than one crore downloads on several devices, and has been rated 4.5 among other top gadi wala game 3d simulators at the extremely brilliant play store. This gadi wala game, khelnewala, supports online and offline sessions, where you can play among your friends and other players worldwide. Asphalt 9 Legends has many different categories available on the Play Store. 

Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer is the other best Gadi Wala 3D simulator game that comes under that has actual 3D graphics, and it is another game with the most users who are enjoying the game by downloading it free from the Play Store.

This gadi wala game app was released on 26th September 2012, and it’s been more than ten years since the game is in trending and has been played in different parts of the world gaming lover.

Traffic Racer game Gadi wala has 35 racing vehicles; you can only use some of them after some time, but as our level increases you get access to all the cars in a minimal time. The game has over 100 million downloads with a file size of 75 MB and 4.2 positive ratings on the Play Store.

Need For Speed No – Limits

Need For Speed No limits gadi wala game has gained top popularity from gamers for running smoothly in low storage devices. NFS No limit was released on 25th September 2015. This game, gadi wala, has 100 million downloads from the Play Store with an application size of 122 MB and a 4.1 legal rating on play store.

Need for Speed No Limit has ranked in the top  10 gadi wala game among gaming lovers because of its different varieties, which come with the tagline of Need For Speed; where this particular variety of Need For Speed no limit gadi wala 3d simulator game is the best one in the environment of gaming lovers. Having the best graphics and multiple options for playing this game with an availability of 50 + vehicles with different designs and features.

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is one of the most enjoyable games on the platform of Play Store. The game features the best cartoon graphics based on stunt performance and special moves with a vehicle in the air. This gadi wala game app has gained 4.2 ratings on Play Store and has over 500 million downloads with a file size of 81 MB.

More than 20 + different types of vehicles are available in this popular gadi wala game. Where this game is beautiful for young players, its features and characteristics are straightforward to understand. Even five years old children can play this game very smoothly. Since 22nd September 2012, this gadi wala game has been released and has earned a special place among gaming lovers. For about every 3rd person who is attracted to this game, no matter how much their age is, they’ve played this gadi wala game once.

CSR – 2

CSR 2 is a drag racing gadi wala game with the best authenticalwithraphics, providing the best var of game vehicles in the lobby. CSR 2 gadi wala game supports online and offline gaming sessions where you can enjoy the game with friends and other players worldwide. This game also looks competitive, giving an outstanding 3D gadi wala simulator performance during playtime.

This Gadi Wala game was released on 28th June 2016 through Play Store Till 2023. This game has 4.2 M reviews on Playstore and over 50M + downloads with an app size of 3.2 GB and 4.2 ratings. This game is trend-trendy among young gaming lovers and has also been a popular gadi wala game for Android among streamers who stream different games.

Earn to Die 2

If you’re looking for a game with driving features and some action terms, Earn to Die 2 is the best gadi wala game. This game runs smoothly on low-storage devices, taking just 83 MB of file size.  Among other Gadi wargames, ETD 2 has had 100 million downloads on Android and IOS devices since its release. This game was released on the 20th of November 2014 through the play store, and till 2023, it has gained 4.1 ratings.

This 3D simulator game is popular among children,n and focuses on destroying the Zombies that come on the way while playing this gadi wala game for Android. The game has different kinds of vehicles for users to enjoy, with multiple levels and various backgrounds. Like Hill Climb Racin, this game also focuses on Cartoon graphics and simple, easy-to-navigate functions for its users.

Real Racing 3

As this game appears by its name  Real Racing, it delivers the best real-world gaming features. While playing this gadi wala game, users will feel like they are playing. Real Racing 3 has a variety of attributes. You can play this game with your friends and other players worldwide. 250 + vehicles are in the game lobby, from where you can choose your favourite car for playing this game; several events and tournaments are current for its users. On 28 February 2013, real racing three was released; in several Play Stores, after which

This game, gadi wala khelene wala, became popular among gaming lovers and grabbed its position in the top 10 gadi wala game list. Not only by its graphics and features, this gadi wala 3d simulator game also focuses on supporting storage devices by taking just 50 MB of app size. More than 100 M people have downloaded this game and rated it 3.9 on the Play Store.

GT Racing 2

If you’ve played games like Need For Speed – No Limit and Asphalt 9 Legends, you should also try this other best gadi wala game. Gameloft also developed and released this game on the 13th of November, 2013. This  3D simulator gadi wala game focuses on high-speed racing tournaments and drag racing tournaments. Its popularity among gaming lovers is because of its high graphics and several types of features and events available from time to time. About 70 + vehicles and 30 + different tracks are available.

This game is straightforward to download from the Play Store and has 1.2GB of size. Like other popular games in the above category, this game has also gained 4.2 positive ratings on the Play Store with 10 million downloads on several IOS and Android devices. GT Racing 2 gadi wala games are the other best option for gaming lovers.

Drift Max Pro

Drift  Max Pro is the top recommended gadi wala game for taming lovers who like to do racing and drift together. Using high graphics and several other features, developers gave users through this game a real-world racing experience. All the real-world cars are present in the game. This game, gadi wala, has gained another best achievement on the Play Store by acquiring 4.6 positive ratings from different parts of the world.

By taking 468 MB of space, these games deliver more than 50 + vehicles option in the game lobby with 30 + tracks and events to choose from while playing the game for the users. With 50 million +  downloads, it is straightforward to play and navigate. This gadi wala game can be another best asset after CSR Racing 2 for dragging and drifting.

Beach Buggy Racing

The Beach Buggy Racing game is specially designed for young gaming lovers. With its cartoon graphics and multiplayer playing option, this gadi wala game has reached a top position in the top gadi wala games category. In Beach Buggy racing, you have to perform several tasks and beat different players in the racing events by driving your vehicle on several beaches.

Taking an app size of 91 MB, this game has reached 100 million+   downloads on Play Store and got rate and God 4.4 positive rating from several gaming lovers and players. This gadi wala game for Android is free to download and is easy to play. Also, it comes in editor choice priority, where it’s been one of the most trending games till 2023 on the Play Store.

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